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Gerrymandering is bad.

It’s bad for Maryland, bad for America, and bad for democracy. Everyone knows this, but unfortunately, almost everyone in elected office supports it in one way or another. Gerrymandering is a bipartisan problem. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of perpetuating it and have been for decades. While the problem is over 200 years old, it has grown exponentially worse as technological advancements have allowed politicians to redraw congressional and legislative districts with pinpoint, laser accuracy. The consequences have been devastating. Electoral districts are now more partisan, less competitive, and less diverse than ever and the political outcomes follow the exact same pattern.

Fair Maps Maryland has three main goals:

1.) Educate Marylanders about gerrymandering and why it is so bad for our Democracy and our country.

2.) Make sure Marylanders know how the redistricting process works and how gerrymandering has disenfranchised voters here for decades.

3.) Promote the work of the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission and encourage the Maryland General Assembly to accept the new maps the commission creates.

Maryland has a gerrymandering problem

Most states suffer from gerrymandering, but some suffer from it more than others. Maryland falls into the latter category. A federal delegation that was once evenly split between Republicans and Democrats just 20 year ago, is now a 7 to 1 split. Notably, this massive change in representation also took place during a time when Marylanders elected two Republican governors in three different elections.

Worst in the nation

The redistricting that took place in 2010 made a mockery of voting rights, and has produced districts that are some of the worst in the nation. Maryland’s 3rd District is consistently recognized as a prime example of gerrymandering and the absurdities it creates.

A non-partisan commission

Governor Hogan is the first governor in Maryland history to forcefully speak out and take action against gerrymandering and has made numerous attempts to get the Maryland legislature to pass a non-partisan redistricting commission into law. While many legislators will readily acknowledge that gerrymandering is bad and that voting is a civil rights issue, most refuse to do anything about it.

Drawing fair maps

Maryland now has an opportunity to return its districts to common-sense shapes and sizes. Sticking to his commitment to free and fair elections, Governor Hogan has ordered the creation of the new maps by an independent, non-partisan commission. However, that doesn’t guarantee that the Maryland General Assembly will accept the new maps. And that is where our work begins.

Everyone Agrees We Need Fair Maps

End Gerrymandering in Maryland!

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General Assembly Continues to Keep Marylanders in the Dark On Redistricting

    General Assembly Continues to Keep Marylanders in the Dark On Redistricting At start of special session, legislature fails to produce substantive records or insight into map creation **ANNAPOLIS, MD (December 6, 2021)—**Fair Maps Maryland, the nonpartisan organization dedicated to the abolition of partisan gerrymandering in Maryland, today released the records received from thePublic Information Act request that the organizationsubmitted to the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission in October. In the request, Fair Maps Maryland called on the Commission to provide any and all information that “will educate the public concerning the methods and processes used by the General Assembly in creating the maps that will be considered and that may become the Congressional and Legislative Districts of all Marylanders. At start of special session, legislature fails to produce substantive records or insight into map creation

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